It’s Getting Hot in Here

We bought some more things this weekend and I can’t scan the receipt, so here is the tally:

  • beets: 1.05
  • soy milk: 1.84
  • almonds: .87
  • popcorn: .86
  • brussels sprouts: 2.30
  • tempeh: 1.79
  • sweet potato: 1.25

TOTAL: $9.96 (we are 3 cents over this week)

I was all excited for soup/stew weather and it’s almost 70F in NYC today!  I have to wrap my head around a new food game plan for dinner tonight.  Suggestions welcome.


One Comment on “It’s Getting Hot in Here”

  1. Robin says:

    Brussels sprouts served room temp with a vinaigrette or a mustard dipping sauce? Do you have soba noodles and the fixings for a sauce (soy sauce, mirin, scallions, etc)? I love cold soba noodles and it would help satisfy your soup urges.

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