Big Bread & Big Soup


As promised, I made the no-time bread tonight and it was fantastic.  If you don’t have time to bake bread, but still want a fresh loaf for dinner, this is the recipe for you.

For dinner, I made a HUGE pot of soup.  I didn’t realize how much soup until the very end, but it was super-tasty and can be frozen for many dinners to come!  I ended up spending $5.50 today in Chinatown (celery, 1 potato, parsley, green cabbage, a tiny squash and a head of lettuce), as I went to Chinatown (and spent $1 getting bread last night at Pioneer); so total left for the week is $9.93.

I came home and prepped the bread and cooked a bunch of dried kidney beans in the pressure cooker (amazing invention!).  I then thawed some freezer veggie stock, threw in half a head of shredded cabbage, added the rest of the tomatoes Phil didn’t use last night and later added some diced carrots, celery, bay leaves and a diced potato.  Added the cooked beans and the parsley and salt and pepper and that was it.  Basically, a very hearty vegetable soup with beans.  Coupled with warm bread, it made a lovely meal.

big soup


One Comment on “Big Bread & Big Soup”

  1. Jennie says:

    Made the bread last night. How wonderful. So easy and delicious. Thank you!!!

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