We’re Back and Ready!

The wedding and honeymoon were both completely amazing and we’re back and ready to start blogging again!  A big thank you to our guest bloggers, Julie and Sasha, for taking up the slack while we were away.  We hope that they will be willing to come back and write a bit more as I found their posts  fascinating (and I loved the fire-escape container idea, any tips to deal with vicious Brooklyn squirrels?).

The trip to Portugal and Spain was full of excellent wine, cheese, bread and various other vegetarian things we could find (surprisingly, a few great restaurants).  We actually did a bit of cooking, which was a pleasure to do while traveling, but with the euro clobbering the dollar, $30/Week went on a vacation.

I leave you with a few food-related photos while we get our house in order and get ready for our normal eating/buying habits to resume.

DSC04545Portuguese Pastries (Lisbon, Portugal)

pasteis de nataPasteis de Nata – Portuguese Custard Cups (recipe here is from my old food blog)

DSC04443Grapes at my grandfather’s house (Chipar di Cima, Portugal)

DSC04487Tawny Port aging in barrels from the Cálem cellar (Porto, Portugal)

DSC04631Fermenting grapes from the 2009 harvest at the Bodegas Carlos San Pedro Pérez de Viñaspre (Laguardia, Spain)


Church edifice created entirely from marzipan (Toledo, Spain)


3 Comments on “We’re Back and Ready!”

  1. great photos from honeymoon–love the blog-it’s always full of great new ideas……..


  2. Venus says:

    Welcome home. Ive linked to you over at my blog and given you the honest blog award. Have enjoyed reading your blog over the last few weeks.

  3. Lucy T. says:

    It’s been way too long since I’ve checked you guys out! CONGRATULATIONS!
    I just came to link to you on my new blog/tumblr and see that you got married!?
    Too awesome.
    Honeymoon sounds great too. Looking forward to catching up on the posts.

    Again, congrats!

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