Guest Blogger Julie, Checking In for Duty.

Hello to all the fans and followers of 30 Bucks a Week. I am excited to be a part of this blog (thanks so much to P and T) and hope that I can, along with fellow guest blogger, Sasha, live up to the honor of guest blogging, an activity that is relatively new to me, but should not be a problem since I love to eat, cook, write and am proud of my frugal food ways. My main culinary interests are tied into growing my own food and encouraging others to do so. I own a greenhouse and nursery in Vermont, just outside of Burlington, called Red Wagon Plants. We grow really healthy organic seedlings for home gardeners which we sell at our retail greenhouse and wholesale to other nurseries all around the state. I am passionate about what I do and hope to humbly infuse others with the joys of growing your own food, and feeding our communities by feeding ourselves. Okay, enough diatribe.

Here are some things I will be writing about, and feel free to chime in and add your thoughts to steer this ship. Let’s show P and T that they are leaving behind some happy chatterers while they go off on their blissful trip. I won’t be doing much with receipts because I don’t get that much food, other than pantry staples, from stores. Most of our food comes from farms and our back yard.

  • The well stocked pantry
  • Edibles to grow in small places
  • What my family eats and how to schedule food prep so it’s all very easy and cheap
  • How to get to know your local farmers and the benefits of charm

Today’s menu, sort of:

Breakfast for me and L (my 12 yr old daughter): scrambled eggs (from a neighbor’s hens – FREE), toast, and tea. (50 cents?)

Lunch for L – Packed her some bread with peanut butter and honey (.50?) and an apple (.40) since she is away all day.

Lunch for U (girlfriend) and Me: sauteed onions, peppers, with guacamole, on tortillas, with cheddar cheese.

Dinner: don’t know yet.

I started out the week with buying just a few things: Bread (local, O’Bread), walnuts (haven’t used those yet), cheddar cheese (local), apples (Shelburne Orchards….they are amazing and make all kinds of very unique apple products like calvados, apple jack, and ginger cider). I think all of this came to approx. $25. I have not purchased anything else all week, but have tons of great things in our pantry, fridge and freezer. More on that later.

Bon Voyages to P and T and thanks for this experience!


3 Comments on “Guest Blogger Julie, Checking In for Duty.”

  1. LilBird says:

    Great post! Looking forward to your time here…

  2. Selene says:

    Julie! How awesome that you are here…

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