Coconut Rice w/Tofu & Eggplant Spicy Stirfry

coconut rice stirfry

Dinner last night was coconut rice with a tofu and eggplant spicy stirfry (Phil’s great dish) with a side of cucumber raita.  I subbed in  leftover Fage for the whole milk yogurt and didn’t have the mint, but it worked.  The cumin hits the spot.  I figured I needed to use up the cukes in our fridge before they went bad and this recipe was great way to use up a bunch – an excellent and simple side.

cucumber raita

I also spent money at the Pioneer last night to finish off the chili.  I got a can of crushed tomatoes ($1.69), a can of whole plum tomatoes ($1.59) (sidenote: why are the crushed ones 10 cents more?!) and a can of corn ($1)=$4.28-$24.78 (leftover for the week)= $20.50 bonus.

For those who are curious, breakfast was a bagel and a hardboiled egg; lunch was leftover chili and cornbread; for snack I had an apple and the above was dinner.  We also had some dessert of green tea soy “icecream” (bought last week) with slivered almonds on top and a bit of cream that Phil’s sister left in our fridge last night (leftover from her plum cake dessert).


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