Tomato Plum Jam


I fell in love with this jam around this time of year last summer. Because of the tomato blight, we really haven’t bought many tomatoes from the Coop – they are pretty pricey. However, we got some tomatoes from Phil’s aunt and a good friend brought me some tomatoes from her mom’s garden. We didn’t eat them quickly enough and they were getting a bit overripe, so I thought to bust out the tomato jam recipe. I didn’t have enough to match the recipe, so I cut down on the sugar and added a plum that was past it’s prime. The verdict…DELICIOUS! This spread is great on toast for breakfast, crackers with cheese or even…peanut butter! Really, try it out.

Here is the recipe. Feel free to cut down on the sugar even if you have enough tomatoes, I like it on the less sweet size. I made myself about a pint. We’re going grocery shopping tomorrow, so expect a recap!


4 Comments on “Tomato Plum Jam”

  1. Oh wow, it really does look tasty! I just had to click the picture when it popped up.. mmm!

  2. Sarah B says:

    I have been waiting impatiently for the first real sign of approaching summer in NZ – good tomatoes. 🙂
    I was delighted to find some in the shops last weekend, so hopefully there’ll be more soon!
    I’m not confident that my town is warm enough to grow my own, but other parts of the country obviously are. 😀

  3. Steph says:

    Yum, that looks good! I have some tomatoes from Katie’s parents’ garden that would be perfect. Going to try and make it with honey instead and let you know! xo

  4. tinaspins says:

    Let me know how it goes!

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