This Week’s Receipt

I think we got a lot of good stuff this week.  I am particularly excited about doing something with the blackbeans and avocado…

Last night we had the last of the spelt berries and I am a big fan.  If you haven’t tried them, I highly advise seeking them out.  They have an excellent chewy texture that makes a lovely side dish or you can throw them in a salad for some extra punch.  Must. Buy. More!

We’ve got $5.67 left.

8.24.09 coop receipt


2 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt”

  1. jaclyn says:

    I’m so inspired by what you’re doing. Great idea and of course very timely. We have three people in our family and for our 45 a week purposes, we’ve been going veggie for the past two weeks. We also do organic and belong to a coop as you two do. My problem is though that I’m still going way over, even though I’m shopping sales and meal planning. How do you make sure you stay under? Are you weighing every single thing you buy? Do you write out a meal plan every week? I’d love to see a break down of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the week.

  2. tinaspins says:

    Hi Jaclyn and thanks for reading! We don’t have a meal plan. Generally, I buy whatever produce is the cheapest and make meals from that. I do weigh everything that I buy and make sure that if it looks like I’m going over-budget to return things to the shelves.

    In terms of breaking things down, it’s a bit of a pain, but we’ve done it before. Have a look through the archives for some ideas. If you click here, I think all the posts of “what we ate today” are up:

    Maybe we’ll do another week of what we eat soon.

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