Hot Dog Ragu

Yeah, this sounds like something off of an extra crappy Food Network show, but we had some leftover veggie dogs and wanted some protein to go with some pasta sauce.
Hot Dog Ragu

We’ve done ragus before, so I don’t think we need a full recipe, but this once included the following:

2 veggie hot dogs, chopped
1 red onion, diced
3 garlic cloves, smooshed
a bunch of heirloom tomatoes from my aunt’s garden (the subject of a later post)

We served it over spiral pasta with a blue cheese biscuit on the side. Tina made the biscuits, incorporating a leftover lump of cheese that was starting to get a little questionable.

One Comment on “Hot Dog Ragu”

  1. cheramy says:

    my partner and i do a similar dinner at least once a week using homemade sausages given to us by various neighbours and family members (we live in moose territory and everyone seems to make fresh sausage). it’s simple, tasty, and a good way for me to sneak in LOTS of veggies into my meatitarian husband.

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