This Week’s Recap

Sorry, no receipt scans!

Phil actually went to the Coop on Sunday and got:

  • barley
  • eggs
  • snowpeas
  • tempeh
  • cashews
  • salad mix
  • 2 roly poly squash
  • white cucumber
  • TOTAL: $13

I spent $2.50 at the Pioneer Supermarket on Cabot Sharp Cheddar (on sale, 2 for $5) and then $3 at Jack’s buying veggie dogs (I wanted to have an “American” night of veggie dogs and potato salad), a baguette (not so American “buns” for aforementioned dogs) and mustard (necessary!). I also went to Chinatown and got 4 apples for $1 for my apple fix.  So the total for the week is $19.50.