Buying Updates

My fruitstand guy had a helluva deal today, 6 plums for $1.  They’re super ripe, so I think I’m going to make Orangette’s Plum Clafoutis.  Unfortunately, he ran out of the 8 bananas for a $1!!  That would have made some fine banana bread!

I also bought some tofu in Chinatown for $.50 from my tofu lady (located on Grand Street, between Bowery & Elizabeth).  I love her.  I didn’t want a ton of tofu, even though it’s only $1.50, because I know it wouldn’t last all up into the weekend – we’ve got plans tomorrow night.  I managed to get her to only give me a block, but it took some haggling!  The fresh noodles also looked great, but I find you need to use and eat them up right away.

$1.50 spent + $22.12 = $23.62 TOTAL

Made the spelt berries last night – pic to come later!


3 Comments on “Buying Updates”

  1. michael says:

    what is the name of the shop where your ‘tofu lady’ can be found. I’ve been looking for good quality bulk tofu ever since we got here from San Francisco. Thanks!

    • tinaspins says:

      Tofu lady is located on the north side of Grand Street between Bowery and Mott. She has a stand out of a building with a rollup gate. Those are the best directions I can give. Good luck!

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