Plum Clafoutis

I did this exactly to Orangette’s specifications, so I will just link to the recipe here.

It came out delightfully well – perfect for a summer evening.  No fuss and not too much of a mess.  Utilize the fruits that you have handy.  YUM!


Buying Updates

My fruitstand guy had a helluva deal today, 6 plums for $1.  They’re super ripe, so I think I’m going to make Orangette’s Plum Clafoutis.  Unfortunately, he ran out of the 8 bananas for a $1!!  That would have made some fine banana bread!

I also bought some tofu in Chinatown for $.50 from my tofu lady (located on Grand Street, between Bowery & Elizabeth).  I love her.  I didn’t want a ton of tofu, even though it’s only $1.50, because I know it wouldn’t last all up into the weekend – we’ve got plans tomorrow night.  I managed to get her to only give me a block, but it took some haggling!  The fresh noodles also looked great, but I find you need to use and eat them up right away.

$1.50 spent + $22.12 = $23.62 TOTAL

Made the spelt berries last night – pic to come later!