Cool Slaw on a Hot Night


It is finally starting to feel like summer in NYC.  A bit steamy and MUCH too warm to turn on the stove.  Last night’s dinner were sandwiches with homemade hummus, sundried tomatoes, lettuce and sauteed zucchini strips, a big salad with white cucumbers, celery, scallions and slivered almonds and some cooling slaw.

There is no set recipe for this.  I shredded about 3/4 head of red cabbage, 3 carrots and 3 scallions in the food processor and added quite a bit of vineger, a splash of olive oil, some garlic powder, S&P and a squirt of Japanese mayo.  Shook it all up in a big container and had a big coleslaw mess for dinner with lots of leftovers.  Yum.


One Comment on “Cool Slaw on a Hot Night”

  1. Thanks for posting this, I made the recipe just a minute ago and substituted mustard for mayo and it was excellent!

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