Updates on Spending

I spent $5.99 on Trader Joe’s Volcano Coffee today, a $1 on vinegar and we spent $5 at the Union Square Greenmarket and got a big bunch of zucchini and about a pound of arugula.  Did you know that if you head to a greenmarket at the end of the day, there are deals to be had?  We walked there in order to get to the subway and found the sellers at Windfall Farms having an “end of the day” special – 2 products for $5.  We’ve been to Windfall Farms and decided to just spend the money – impulse buy!  Some of the best pattypan squash we’ve had in a long time.  So the grand total is $25.37.


One Comment on “Updates on Spending”

  1. Susan says:

    Great website and really good inspiration for those of us also cash strapped and Brooklyn based. I’m sure you’re already plugged in through the co-op, but I wanted to plug my friend/colleague Jill Richardson’s visits to NY starting tomorrow. She has a part with the Brooklyn Food Conference folks on Sunday @Brooklyn Independent Democrats HQ (4:30) and a book talk on Monday evening at the Tank.

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