Not in a rotten vegetable kind of way. More like we’re getting spoiled while our friends are off on their honeymoon and letting us reap the veggies of their partial CSA share. Today we’re getting:

1 bu. Basil
1lb Yukon Gold Potatoes
1Green Iceberg Lettuce
1 lb. Beans
1lb BabySquash
1 Field cucumber
1 pc Summer Garlic

Whoo! I am sensing some pesto-like concoction from the basil. In a little matter of a weekly update, I was too lazy to deal with the Coop yesterday, so went to Jack’s and got some eggs, onion rolls, blue cheese and Yves lentil veggie burgers. Cost $4. $26 left for the week. Last night we had veggie burgers on the onion rolls with some blue cheese and a potato salad I made the night before. Classic summer. I’m finding it’s too hot to do much more than salads and a sandwich these days.


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