Money Spent Today

We’re having a friend over for dinner tonight in exchange for some help with our kitchen shelves.  Since we don’t want her to swelter in our kitchen, we decided to try and make things that didn’t require the oven or stovetop.  We’re serving mujadara – caramelizing the onions in the slow cooker and cooking the brown rice and lentils in our rice cooker.  We’ll use the toaster oven to heat up the pita a bit and I made a shredded carrot salad with za’taar and a simple cucumber salad that I’ll toss with a bit of tahini.   Dessert will be rosewater ice cream (I’m experimenting by using vanilla pudding mix, condensed milk and soy milk with rosewater essence so I don’t have to create a cooked ice cream base) and some whipped cream (made with leftover heavy cream from last week).

  • Onions: $1.50
  • Brown rice: $1
  • Pita bread: $1
  • Condensed milk: $1
  • Carrots: $.50
  • Bananas: $1
  • Pudding mix (I know, it’s an experiment): $.50

Total: $6.50 – $32.69 = $26.19 left for the week


5 Comments on “Money Spent Today”

  1. Wow. I seriously admire your blog and the delicious meals you create for $30 a week! What a genius idea.

  2. ren says:

    oooh, i am very curious to hear how that ice cream worked out for you.

  3. parenthetical says:

    I love caramelized onions but often find myself too lazy to make them; what’s the technique for doing them in the slow cooker?

    (Apologies if this is hugely obvious).

  4. Tina says:

    Hey there, caramelized onions are easy to do in the slow cooker and require almost no work! Slice a lot of onions into the thickness you desire (I like thin onion slices and they tend to cook a bit quicker). Remember, the onions will cook down, so I usually just try and slice enough to at least fill my crockpot halfway, if not 3/4 full. Put about 2 tablespoons olive oil in the crockpot. Add the onions and cover. Set on low heat for as few hours as your crockpot allows. Periodically check on the onions and give them a stir to make sure they’re not sticking to the bottom of the pot. The nice thing about the crockpot is that the condensation on the lid from the onions cooking adds a bit of liquid to the onions so they continue to cook slowly and get caramelized. This method is great if you want to make a ton of caramelized onions (hint: they also freeze well) or if you want to make them in the summer – or both. Good luck and let us know how yours come out!

  5. Parenthetical says:

    Fantastic, thanks! I’d been making them in somewhat large batches on the stovetop and freezing, but of course that is time intensive and doesn’t actually make all that many…and I’m totally addicted to them so I quite like the idea of having many around.

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