A Plug

If you happen to have checked out our about page, you might have noticed that I write (or rather, co-write) another blog – Enclosure of the Commons, which deals with resource privatization – everything from copyright issues to water rights (a better topic summary can be found here).

In general, the material here hasn’t overlapped too much with the material over there, so I haven’t posted anything about the other blog. In the past week, however, we’ve put up a couple posts having to do with food. One was about the issue of genetically modified crops and the other was about indigenous Peruvians’ claims on the potato.

In both these posts, our focus is on issues of private ownership and public access to resources, but since at least some portion of our readership seems to be interested in the politics/ethics of food production, I thought it might be of interest. Also, we don’t claim any particular expertise on many of the topics we want to cover (this is, after all, the internet), so we are very much open to comments and questions and constructive argument.

If this sounds (vaguely) intriguing, pop on over.


One Comment on “A Plug”

  1. Lucy T. says:

    That’s cool. My plug to add? Check out the Council of Canadians right-to-water stuff sometime (my husband works for them!)


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