This Week’s Receipt

I think the only exciting food item here is the rhubarb.  I plan on making some muesli for healthy breakfasts this week and then it’ll just be lots of nice greens for dinner/lunch.  We still have to use up the garlic scapes that were part of the CSA bounty and I think we’re going to try this garlic scape recipe from Dorie Greenspan.  For breakfast today, we ate a piece of some mini banana/blueberry loaves I baked last night.  I ended up grinding amaranth and adding it to the corn flour/WW flour mixture to add some nutritional value to the bread and it came out great!  I’ll be making up some more batches before posting the recipe in order to get the proportions right, but WOW!

We made it right up to our $30/Week budget last night, as I had to get some cilantro and a jalepeno pepper.  The entire cost of last week’s budget was: $29.54.  This week, we have $9.12 left.

7.6.09 coop receipt


4 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt”

  1. Daniel says:

    Don’t sell yourself short… yes the rhubarb was pretty exciting but what about the kale and the persian cucumber? 🙂

    Once again, you prove conclusively that a healthy and interesting diet can be had at preposterously little cost. Thanks for what you’re doing here!

    Casual Kitchen

  2. Aaron says:

    I love you guys!!! And you’ve really inspired me to be more frugal in the purchasing department.
    I have a few questions, in order to better understand…
    Why do you guys always buy pears? Who eats them? Do you see price fluctuation throughout the year? Where do they come from (country)?
    What goes into your decision between organic and non-organic eggs? I know that’s a main-stay for you guys, so that must be tough.

    • tinaspins says:

      Thanks Dan!
      And thanks Aaron! Here are some answers to your questions.
      1. Pears are .88/lb right now and besides blueberries are some of the cheapest fruit out there. They definitely fluctuate in price. We usually eat them raw or in a salad or sometimes I throw them in bread pudding. We like them because they take a little time to ripen and don’t get bruised easily. I have to check where the Coop gets them from though.
      2. As for the organic eggs vs. non – we generally try to buy organic at the Coop, but occasionally have gotten non-organic eggs at our local supermarket (PIONEER!). I definitely prefer the organic eggs for a number or reasons (ethics and taste are two), but sometimes you just want an egg for breakfast and none are in the house.

      I usually decide to buy our produce based on price. Generally, when a fruit or vegetable is in season, the price is much lower at the Coop. For instance, the strawberries this week were $2.74/lb. They were about $5 a few weeks ago.

  3. jen says:

    Oh, I am very excited the amaranth recipe! I have seen popped amaranth in recipes, but not ground, so I will be interested to hear about the proportions you used.

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