This Week’s Receipt

I went to Chinatown yesterday morning to get some veggies because I knew it would be pouring by the time I got out of work.  I got:

  • celery: $1
  • scallions: .50
  • daikon (very small piece, possibly for the kimchi making?): .25
  • lettuce: 1.00
  • cucumbers: .75
  • TOTAL: 3.50

Add that to the 22.50 spent at the Coop early this morning (it’s supposed to rain again this afternoon) and our weekly total is at $26.00.

6.30.09 coop receipt


2 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt”

  1. Good Mom says:

    Kimchi… yum! Don’t you just love China Town…There is a huge grocery store in OC (our China Town) that I love to go to too!

    • tinaspins says:

      I think I’m passing on the kimchi for now. We got hungry last night and made some coleslaw concoction with some of the cabbage! There is still some left though…

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