Nature’s Amazing Bounty


Like Tina said in the last post, a colleague of mine went out of down this week and donated her West Village CSA share to us. I went down to pick it up this afternoon and came away with the following items:

Bright Lights Swiss Chard: 1 bunch
Summer Spinach: 1 bunch
Napa Cabbage: 1 head
Red Leaf Lettuce: 1 head
Escarole: 1 head
Garlic Scapes: 6
Oregano: 1 bunch
Chives: 1 bunch

Needless to say, we are all set for produce this week, so we’re free to use our budget to stock up on some staples that are running low, like olive oil, soy sauce, salt, and maybe some Sriracha (which is honestly a staple for us).

The only thing is that we are going out of town this weekend for a wedding, so we need to use up these veggies stat, at least to make some food that we can freeze and eat when we get back. So far, we’re thinking we might try a spinach lasagna, and maybe some caldo verde. The cabbage, garlic scapes, and herbs will hopefully last until we get back.

If anybody has other suggestions for how to use this stuff in a hurry, let us know.


7 Comments on “Nature’s Amazing Bounty”

  1. tinaspins says:

    I just came home to this fridge full of GREENS and I’m at a loss. How are we going to use this deliciousness before Thursday evening?

  2. Anne says:

    garlic scapes and white kidney beans sauteed in olive oil and paprika…wilt the swiss chard over it then hit it with a little fresh lemon juice. anoint it with sriracha and you have my lunch for the last week. so yummy

  3. Lucy T. says:

    Man, I feel like I’m getting vitamins into me just by *looking* at that picture. I used to get one of these boxes a couple years ago, and although I really loved it, I know it can be stressful when you don’t want to waste the food and you have to use it up by a certain day.

    Suggestions: Not everyone’s thing, but if I have extra greens to get through (or if I find I’m just not eating enough greens) I put them into my fruit smoothies. If you don’t use too much, (e.g. 3-4 stalks of kale for a two-person smoothie), you end up with a drink that’s green but still tastes mostly like fruit. Just chop them up a bit and put them in the blender along with everything else.

    Otherwise, you could do a big steamed greens supper, maybe with pasta or white beans? They shrink so much when they’re steamed, you could get through a lot. Or pack them into a thick frittata that’s more greens than eggs, slice it up and eat the leftovers for breakfast/snacks for a day or two. Mix steamed greens into bean burger patties and freeze? Or add steamed greens to your fresh green salads? I like that combination…

    • tinaspins says:

      I like the idea of a thick frittata, but can you freeze it? The only problem is that we’re leaving Thursday night (straight from work) to head up to my folks and then a wedding. Phil will be home Sunday night though. I really need to think of some freezing recipes…although we could have a bunch of sauteed greens tonight…

  4. Lucy T. says:

    Maybe not–I’ve never tried to freeze a frittata. You’d more likely eat a fairly big portion for dinner (because it’s mostly greens anyway) and then just eat the lefties cold the next day. Or at room temp, in a sandwich, whatever. But I really like Anne’s suggestion anyway. Sounds great!

    What kind of sriracha do you guys like? Any brand in particular?

  5. Avie says:

    Blanch the chard and freeze. it doesn’t suffer the slightest bit, if you use it in “cooked green something”

  6. jen says:

    That is a nice box of veggies! I would:
    –use the red leaf lettuce and escarole to make salads (or a bean and escarole soup/stew) to eat before you go. These will go bad first and can’t be frozen.
    — blanch and freeze the spinach and chard for later use (seconding Avie’s suggestion – I do this all of the time when i have a garden surplus and use them later for soups, bean dishes, etc.)
    — leave the Napa cabbage (in a bag in the vegetable crisper drawer), and it should be fine when you get back. Usually cabbages will keep for awhile.
    — Whatever you don’t use of the chives, garlic scapes, and oregano will likely be fine as well. Fresh herbs actually freeze well, though, so you could put part of the oregano in the freezer to be safe.

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