This Week’s Receipt: Salad Days

It’s a little muggy in NYC. It’s getting to be summer salad dinner nights. This week’s receipt is loaded with veggies! We still have a load of dried beans, grains and homemade seitan, so that will supplement the salad goods. Combined with the money we spent Monday, the total for the week is: $29.01 and we’ve gott .99 left!

Last night’s dinner was a huge salad with the spinach (although I don’t think it was spinach, more on that later), salad greens, hard boiled eggs, flax seeds, slivered almonds, some cranberries, a cuke, red pepper and red onion.  Funny, no carrots (I love carrots).  We split a toasted roll from Monday and had some goat cheese and red onion with hotsauce.  A very satisfying and filling meal.  Lunch today will  be lentils and carrots that I made in the rice cooker with some Freezer Scrap Stock on Monday night with some couscous I whipped up last night.

6.8.09 coop receipt