Camp Food

Back from the wild. Here’s some of the stuff we ate.

Korean-style spicy tofu and veggies.

Strawberries with rosemary, ginger, and tarragon. Served over roasted marshmallows.

Mujadarrah with couscous.

Roasted corn in husk.

Freshly-caught freshwater bass. Not vegetarian, obviously, but certainly frugal and DIY.

Bourbon roasted apples over oatmeal.


4 Comments on “Camp Food”

  1. Marisa says:

    Looks like you had a delicious trip! There’s really nothing better than corn roasted in the husk over an open fire.

  2. Wow you guys took camping food to the next level. Very inspiring and so much easier on the tummy that hot dogs all weekend!

  3. Meredith says:

    This looks WAY better than what I’ve come up with for camping, which usually means some sort of bean salad and coleslaw.

    Do you use regular or vegetarian marshmallows? I’m vegetarian but haven’t had marshmallows in forever because I’m not sure if the “fake” stuff will taste the same and be worth the money. (But I live in LA, so I know they are available.)

  4. Kris in JP says:

    Bass tastes amazingly good! I was vacationing in Northern-ish Ontario (at least Northern-ish to me) and one of the young girls in the group caught a large-mouth bass. And I remembered eating freshwater fish when I was a kid and HATING it, so I was worried I would have to pretend to like it.

    And you know what? It was fantastically good!

    BTW, I live very close to the Middle Eastern Pita store you profiled in Boston – I always get my yogurt there and they have cashcaval cheese -impossible to get anywhere else. You may have missed Tony’s. Not really anything affordable on $30/wk, but worth the splurge. The gnocchi there are fantastic.

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