breakfast taters

Breakfast Tinfoil Potatoes

Tomorrow we head for Westchester and then to the Adirondacks where our canoe camping adventure begins. I’m excited about the campfire cooking.  As Phil mentioned earlier, we’re making Mujadara, but serving it over couscous in order to cut down on cooking time. I’ve already made and frozen the caramelized onions and measured out portions of lentils and couscous. Other friends are making oatmeal with fixings and bacon (veggie and real) and something delicious for dinner. I think the only “camp” food we’re making will be s’mores and possibly some eggs and biscuits. I’ve bought a fishing license and have yet to get a pole, but it would be awesome to catch some fish on the trip (sorry Phil)!   Check back for photos and stories and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!  Grilling anything good?


One Comment on “Campin’”

  1. Whose dead body is that in the background? LOL!

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