Hasselback Potatoes

potato 003

We had a bit of a twist on the tradtional “meat & potatoes” dinner last night.  Homemade seitan steaks marinated with a paprika and red pepper spice rub, some brocolli roasted in the oven and the gorgeous Hasselback Potato you see in the photo above.  I used the recipe from Sea Salt With Food verbatim, so go over there and check it out.  I had to increase the time quite a bit though.  Perhaps covering them with tinfoil for 30 minutes would help cook the whole potato and then removing it for another 10-15 would allow it to get crispy.  Regardless, they were delightful – the garlic really makes them special and the presentation is beautiful.  Definitely something to try for a dinner party – and low cost!


3 Comments on “Hasselback Potatoes”

  1. Julie says:

    HOORAH! Dinner tonight! Thanks

  2. gustoso says:

    They look soooo good.

  3. These look uh-mazing! I need to make more potatoes. I never think of it as an option. Thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful photo, too!

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