A Plague of Spending

Aside from the $30 (…plus) we spent on our weekly groceries, we also bought a bunch of food to cook for the Passover Seder we’re hosting tomorrow night. We’re going to have a total of seven people over, and while our family and friends are kind enough to contribute food, we’re going to be making the matzoh ball soup and a flourless chocolate cake, as well as handling all the items on the Seder plate.

This doesn’t sound like a lot to cook, but it involves buying a bunch of relatively expensive ingredients, including two dozen eggs ($4.84), fresh horseradish root ($2.17), three boxes of matzoh (about $2.75 apiece), and two boxes of matzoh meal ($2.50 apiece). I also got leeks to put in the soup, but failed to check the price per pound and ended up paying $3.40 for two of them. Oops. All in all, the bill came to about $30. A week’s worth of grocery money, and that isn’t even counting the wine (you drink a lot of wine at a seder).

Anyway, we’ll have another post about all the food once we actually have the seder.

For any curious Yidden, while the Jewish part of my family is actually Ashkenazi, we’re going to go by the Sephardic rules for passover Kosher, because they are more friendly to vegetarians – they allow eating legumes and rice, whereas the Ashkenazi rules don’t.


4 Comments on “A Plague of Spending”

  1. Tina says:

    hey, we are jewish vegetarians and we also follow sephardic tradition so we can have a wider variety of foods! so glad to hear that we aren’t the only ones. have a good pesach!

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  3. Julia says:

    I never knew that Sephardic traditions allowed legumes and rice, I’m so excited! This is my 3rd Passover as a vegetarian and this will help me out a lot. I am still struggling with the enormous amount of eggs in the recipes in my Passover cookbook (I gave up eggs 2 years ago, I try to be vegan but eat a small amount of cheese and yogurt) so I am making them for my husband and then rummaging around for something to eat for myself. The more options, the better.
    thanks (all the way from Seattle)

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