Dinner with Friends – Southern Twist (a big twist) Edition

I think we’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a big fan of dinner parties or just having dinner with friends. Sometimes it’s tough to menu plan on the $30/Week budget, but we usually pull it off. This Friday, we had two friends over to christen the new apartment with it’s first dinner party. They brought some nice cheeses as appetizers and vino. We provided cocktails, a little amuse bouche, the main course and dessert. Here’s how the cost roughly panned out (I measured out the beans, cornmeal, etc. and then used the $ amount on the Coop bill to figure out the cost per amount used).

  • Frozen corn for cornbread and corn soup shooter: $1
  • Cornmeal: $0.23
  • Black Eyed Peas: $0.70
  • Flour: $0.52
  • Goat Cheese: $1.01
  • Onions: $0.25 (estimated since we had bought a 3lb bag a while ago for $1.30)
  • 6 eggs: $1.21
  • Milk: $0.92 (supplemented by nefarious means)
  • Lemons (for juice): $0.68
  • Veggie Sausages (used 4): $1.25
  • Collards: $1

TOTAL: $8.77

We also used some brown rice, sugar, butter, baking powder, olive oil, etc., but I can’t go back and find receipts to find the prices on all of that stuff. I will be generous and attribute $4 to those items (and I think it’s less if I really took the time to break it down) bringing the total to $12.77 which is $3.19 per person and we have lots of leftovers. What did we eat?


Cold Corn Soup – made this with some of the leftover frozen corn from the cornbread, a carrot chopped up and a bit of butter and soy milk.  Added some pickled jalepenos, brine and lime juice and food processed it into a puree.

southern-dinner-party-003Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese Cornbread – From Smitten Kitchen, kind of had an overflow and had to bake it much longer than the 30 minutes called for, but I think it was because I used a 9″ iron skillet.  The taste was still excellent.


Kemp’s Hoppin John Collard Stew – Great recipe to make the day before. We actually did the beans first and then the collards on Friday before our guests arrived, but as the recipe notes, you can make the stew up to 3 days ahead.

southern-dinner-party-006Hot Toddy Pudding – this was amazing!!!  Could have been better only with some fresh whipped cream.


5 Comments on “Dinner with Friends – Southern Twist (a big twist) Edition”

  1. Penny says:

    Hi guys,
    Just found your blog (via GRSlowly). V. glad to see you are also fans of Smitten Kitchen. I made her potato pizza this weekend. My boyfriend hates cheese (I know, what can you do) and I crave pizza so this suited us both – and its super frugal which is always a bonus.

  2. littlem says:

    Just a heads up that I’ve mentioned your site in a guest post: http://thesurvivalistblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/guest-post-thrify-cookbooks.html

    Hope that’s ok.

  3. subinev says:

    I want to eat all of these things.

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