This Week’s Receipt(s) – Miraculous!

Miraculous because it tallies up to exactly $30! The Pioneer is the supermarket by our new place (only to be used in emergencies! look how expensive!) and then there is the Coop receipt and then I spent $1 in Chinatown on some collards-type green and $2 at Jack’s for some frozen corn (you’ll see…) and ketchup. The grand total is THIRTY!

$19.42+7.58+3= $30

No money left for the week, but I’m oddly pleased.



4 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt(s) – Miraculous!”

  1. Lucy T. says:

    30$ on the nose–wow! Gonna make some cornbread with that cornmeal? 😉

    Your co-op receipt makes me feel so envious. So cheap! I know the exchange rate makes it a little more expensive than it looks to me, but still.

    I’ve heard there are some co-ops in Toronto, although none very near our neighbourhood, I don’t think. I’m gonna have to find them and check them out. If I did my groceries once a week instead of every couple of days, maybe I too could shop at a co-op!

    But I’d have to really get my crap together. (By the way, I did keep track of my grocery spending last week. It was a little under $80 CDN between 2 trips to the grocery store and one to the natural foods store. I’m ok with it because we’re not wasting any food, it all gets eaten, but you’ve still inspired me to do better!

  2. Rhea says:

    Just found your blog. It is pretty cool to try to keep your food budget so low. I am trying to wean myself off of buying lunch at work and eating stuff from home.

  3. P says:

    Yeah, buying lunch can be obscenely expensive. All the places around my office in Manhattan are these dime-a-dozen work lunch bistro type places (pick your own salad, deli sandwiches, hot and cold bar, blah blah blah) where you’re lucky to make it out the door with an $8 meal.

    Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your overpriced mesclun mix.

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