Pizza Night


It was pizza night again in the 30/Week household. Same dough recipe as before. This time I made the sauce by simmering some whole canned tomatoes left over from the ragu I made on Monday with some olive oil, oregano, crushed red pepper, and s&p, then crushing them up with a fork and letting the liquid cook down.

The two pictured above are a sauce-less pie with fresh parsley, onion, feta, and crumbled homemade bean burgers (left over from last night), and one with sauce, veggie sausage, red pepper, and olives. We also made another with sauce, onion, peppers, and smoked gouda (which, by the way, doesn’t melt so good). The sauce-less one was especially interesting because all the parsley got very crispy.

Pizza good.


3 Comments on “Pizza Night”

  1. P says:

    Thanks! Tina prepped the dough the night before and I’m not sure how long that took her, but we really only spent about 45 minutes cooking on the night of.

    One thing I forgot to mention: we discovered (based perhaps on advice from some other blog?) that it’s a really good idea to prep the pies on parchment paper. The whole thing, paper and all, can then be slid directly onto the pizza stone. This transfer of the raw pie from counter to oven used to be the most frustrating step of pizza-making for us and resulted in many deformed pies. Not that they didn’t still taste good.

  2. tinaspins says:

    The dough, if you have a food processor or stand mixer, takes about 8 minutes to make (and 5 minutes of that is proofing the yeast, I know you don’t have to, but my recipe says to). I like it because I just cover the whole thing and leave it in the fridge over night to rise. The next day, we just punched it down, divided it, covered it up and let rise for half hour and then eat.

    I found out about the brilliant parchment paper tip from King Arthur Flour’s Baker’s Banter blog. You can read about their pizza recipe here.

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