I feel like they should have an exclamation point. They just sound so exciting.

I used the recipe from the Times, but cut it in half and was only able to make 4.25 ramekins worth of popovers. This only makes me want to get a popover tin, but I feel that’s excessive considering the amount of kitchen supplies I already own.



6 Comments on “Popovers!”

  1. I LOVE popovers! I “won” a popover tin at a dinner party once and I very much enjoy it’s special function, but I never thought of using ramekins – very cool.

  2. tinaspins says:

    I got the idea from the Times article. They said you could use a well greased muffin tin or ramekins. I thought using a dozen capacity muffin tin wouldn’t work so well, so used the ramekins (successfully!). Do you use your popover tin often?

  3. Susan says:

    Oh, a popover tin is not excessive! I use mine about once a month and even though its use is specific, it really does make a difference. My popovers “pop” consistently better in the new (now maybe 8-year-old) pan than they ever did in ramekins. (Or I’ve gotten better…)

  4. No…I don’t make them often. I sort of forget I have the tin! But when I do I’m so thankful because fresh popovers are soooo delicious.

  5. I adore popovers–did a post on them myself in October. My recipe is a bit different from the one you used. I always use a muffin tin with great results.

  6. William Turcotte says:

    Stainless steel shot glass sized ramekins work great. The popovers rise up out of the ramekin and when done are sitting on top of it.

    Bill T

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