New Kitchen

Here are some pics of the new kitchen. We’re not entirely done (building a shelving unit under the counter space), but those coming from the Kitchn can see our dish draining solution (for now) and the rest of our organizational skills. Any ideas appreciated!



I feel like they should have an exclamation point. They just sound so exciting.

I used the recipe from the Times, but cut it in half and was only able to make 4.25 ramekins worth of popovers. This only makes me want to get a popover tin, but I feel that’s excessive considering the amount of kitchen supplies I already own.


One out of a bunch ain’t bad

UPDATE: The White Bean and Kale Soup (see below) is even BETTER the next day. I highly recommend this as a make ahead dish.

The new apartment is getting into good shape! The kitchen is relatively unpacked, but we have to create some shelving for all of our pots, pans and large items (right now, they are under the counter space in large boxes). I was able to make some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Fleur de Sel and the Popovers that I had written about. They both came out great! Pretty pleased with the new stove, although bummed that it doesn’t have a window to let you peek in. Lest you think we just ate delicious baked goods for dinner, I also cobbled together a tasty soup of white beans, kale and a ton of garlic (attempt at a recipe below). We ate the soup with a popover smeared with toasted garlic.

As soon as we unpack the camera wire, pictures will be posted!

White Bean and Kale Soup w/Garlic


2 cups cooked white beans and cooking water
1/2 bunch of kale, washed and chopped into bits (we had purple kale)
5-6 cloves of garlic, minced
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
pinch of fresh rosemary and sage (if you’ve got it)
Israeli couscous or any type of small pasta (optional)

To Do:

In a large pot heat up a glug of the olive oil and saute about half of the garlic. Throw in the kale, lower the heat and cover until the kale is wilted a bit. Add 1.5 cups of the beans and a cup or two of the cooking liquid (use broth or water if you don’t have bean liquid). Let the whole mess simmer for a bit. In a food processor, process half the cup of beans with the rest of the garlic, herbs and a bit of olive oil – this will lend the soup some body. Pour the pureed mixture into the soup pot and mix. Taste and adjust the salt and pepper to your liking. Add more water if the soup is too thick. Let simmer for 10-15 minutes. I threw in about half a cup of Israeli couscous and some water to make the soup more of a meal. Let that cook for about 7 minutes or so.