Raw Food Week Days 4 & 5 and a Receipt

mung sproutsHomemade Mung Bean Sprouts

Yesterday we had more muesli.  The nice thing about muesli, or what I call my muesli, is that you can just add to whatever is left in the container to make more.  I just throw in some oats, shredded apple, raisins, dates and some nut milk and shake it up.  Sometimes I add cinnamon or honey or maple syrup.  It comes out delicious, but I am getting tired of it.  For lunch we had a “potato” salad, which was the inner part of a eggplant (cubed), some shredded carrots and some other vegetable.  It’s all blurry.  I mixed that with some tahini, lemon juice, salt and pepper and garlic.  It came out quite nice!  The key is to let the eggplant marinate for a long time so it’s not so tough.  For dinner we had eggplant “noodles”, which was the rest of the eggplant peeled thinly with a vegetable peeler.  Think of a wide rice noodle and you’ll get the idea of what it looked like.  I marinated that for the whole day with some lemon juice and salt to make it soft and then rinsed and dried the “noodles”.  We had that with some cashew “cheese” sauce (mix up soaked cashews with lemon juice, nutritional yeast, sundried tomatoes and the water they were soaked in).  I pretty much just throw things in the food processor and hope it tastes good.  We also had a big salad and some nori and avocado.  I went to the Coop and got more groceries.  See receipt below.  I’m actually surprised because I thought I would be overbudget by some pennies, but no!

Today I had a peanut butter and banana smoothie (tasty!) and Phil had more muesli because of his smoothie phobia.  Lunch was shredded cabbage, almonds and homemade sprouted mung beans (!!) and shredded beets with some of the cashew cheese sauce and that was excellent.  This might be the end of our raw food diet for the week, as we’re visiting my folks this weekend and I’m not telling my mom to go out and get us a ton of veggies and nuts for our trip.  Expect a write up of our feelings about this whole business soon.