Raw Day 3 (In Which We are not so Frugal)

Another round of muesli for breakfast today. I mean, it tastes good, but a little variety now and again is nice. The combination of raw foods and frugal shopping doesn’t lend itself to such an extensive array of breakfast options – or maybe it does if you have a lot more experience with it than us. Also Tina would like to interject at this point to say that we could also have breakfast smoothies. But I really don’t like smoothies. It’s my fault.

For lunch we had a sort of borscht made from some of the leftover beets from last nights salad blended with some tahini. It was actually quite good, though I wouldn’t have minded a bigger lunch.

But it was dinner that was really the big story today. Having been out rather late again after work today (there’s actually a good reason why we’ve been getting home so late recently, which will become clear at some point in the near future…not really as mysterious as all that), we decided that we would treat ourselves to dinner out at Rawstar, a local raw foods restaurant that we’ve been meaning to try for some time.

Brooklynites are now on notice: this place is awesome. We’d been to a couple NYC raw foods restaurants before (i.e. before $30/W), but often found them to be way too pricey for the amount of food you get. The prices at Rawstar were pretty reasonable and we were totally full at the end of the meal. More to the point, all of the food was delicious. Not just delicious for raw food, but delicious period.

I had a spinach pie with spicy ginger sauce, a side of curried plantains, and a kale and pear salad. Tina had curried tempeh with tamarind sauce, mango and pineapple chutney, and a “paradise salad” made of diced shredded napa cabbage and olives. We also split a chipotle nori roll appetizer. All of it was quite fresh and rich.

Focusing so much on being frugal, we don’t generally spend a lot of time on this site raving about restaurants, but I guess the exception here is to take note of the fact that even with truly extensive dietary restrictions, you can make some really delicious food. If we could figure out how to make this sort of stuff at home (probably need a dehydrator), I think I could be satisfied with a raw diet for some time…during the warm months at least.

And for the sake of supporting independent, local businesses, I say again: When in Brooklyn, check out Rawstar.