Nori Wraps and Miso Soup

The last meal of Raw Week Day 1 and so far we’re going strong…or so we’re telling ourselves. Look, it’s cold outside.


Dinner tonight consisted of nori wraps, stuffed with carrots, marinated portobellos, arugula, and a raw “cheese” spread made with soaked cashews and nutritional yeast, and topped with a tahini sauce. We also had a raw miso soup, which was the closest to hot food we’re going to get any time soon. It was heated to about 110 degrees, which in soup terms is well within the boundaries of lukewarm. Still, it tasted good with plenty of garlic, lemon zest, and ginger. We also had a salad to use up the rest of the arugula. All of the above was paired with a lovely bottle of Three Buck Chuck to warm the body in the absence of actual hot food which, in case we were being too subtle, is what we’re really missing here. In any case, it was all quite filling and tasted good.


We leave you now with some interesting historical reading.

…Truth be told, it’s not really as bad as all that. The dinner was very tasty.


2 Comments on “Nori Wraps and Miso Soup”

  1. Kristen says:

    What a great vegan/raw food blog… and you even managed to throw in a bit of cannibalism to mix it up!?!

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