This Week’s Receipt: Going out of Town

Phil and I are heading to Boston to visit a friend who is already planning out delicious meals for us. SCORE! Therefore, this week’s receipt is a little odd. I tried to get a couple of things that would last until we got home late on Sunday and bulk items. I also got Tahini and peanut butter as I’ve been wanting to make hummus and we just ran out of peanut butter. Perfect timing and $11.82 left for whatever miscellaneous items for next week.  We also had a big bunch of parsley in the fridge that I knew would definitely go bad before we got back, so I made a quick parsley “pesto” with it and toasted pumpkin seeds last night. I like knowing that everything that could go bad in the fridge has been used up and there are yummy things waiting for us for when we get back. What do you do when you’re going out of town and your fridge is full of perishables?



5 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt: Going out of Town”

  1. kaitlin says:

    definitely using it up to make yummy things to either take with on said trip, or freeze until we get back. worst case scenario, his parents or sister get the brunt of it to use up.

  2. K says:

    I’m curious — why do you need peanut butter for hummus? Googling, it looks like some do peanut butter INSTEAD of tahini. Do you use both? Is there something I’m missing out on? I usually just do chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic, and lemon (topped with za’atar…mmmmm).

    • tinaspins says:

      K, the peanut butter is just for peanut butter consumption (sandwiches, cookies, oatmeal, etc.). We just ran OUT of peanut butter, which is why I was happy to use more. My hummus recipe is pretty similar to yours! I like to use dried chickpeas though. Somehow, the flavor is so much better instead of using canned.

  3. pennyplastic says:

    K, I had the same thought!

    Agreed about dried chickpeas, double for making falafel.

    I wish I were as great as you about making sure we use perishables before we leave for trips. We certainly try to use up our vegetables (stir fry is a popular choice) and sometimes I will just shove veggies and herbs into a plastic bag and put in the freezer to use for making stock later.

    Enjoy Boston!

  4. We’re not great about using up perishables, but we did have a serendipity moment a couple weeks ago with parsley. We minced the whole bunch for a recipe but didn’t use it all. It was starting to dry out on the counter after dinner, so we left it overnight. We now have lovely dried parley to shake into the cooking.

    Have you tried sprouting as a source of greens? My natural foods store sells a couple assortments they mix and I do get fresh greens without the perishable problem (as long as they’re seeds.)

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