Emergen-C! Poll Results

A week and a half ago, I posted up our receipt and a poll as to whether or not we should be counting Emergen-C packets as part of the grocery receipt. The results are in and it turns out that 72% of our readers clicked on the second option: “No. You guys need to spend $ on food-stuffs.”

This is interesting as it pertains to preventative measures to protect ourselves from colds and nasty bugs that have been slaying office-mates. A lot of people who commented made the point that if we got sick, would we count medicine or doctor’s bills to our budget? Well, no, we wouldn’t. My doctor’s copay would probably be about $20, so that’s not saving money. Then again, our $30/Week is supposed to be a challenge. It was tough to decide, which is why I made a poll about it. With the results overwhelmingly in favor of our not using our grocery budget for Emergen-C’s, I will be going out and buying a bulk pack…eventually.

For comparison, 24% voted that they should be included in the bill and 4% thought it was a tough question and they didn’t know the answer.


2 Comments on “Emergen-C! Poll Results”

  1. chrissy says:

    instead of wasting money on store bought “remedies” that really don’t work, you’d be better served by eating quality veggies (as you do), getting sunshine, and keeping hands, doorknobs, handles, etc., very clean.

    emergen-c, like all those other store bought cold preventives, are not even close to being as effective as simple, free solutions.

  2. P says:

    Hey Chrissy,

    I agree that there’s always reason to be skeptical about commercially-produced heath aids (see recent scandals over Airborne and Vitamin Water), but I’m not sure that the active ingredients in emergen-c (vitamin and mineral supplements, prominently vitamin c) would be considered all that controversial.

    Of course, one could argue that supplements of any kind are no match for eating a range of fresh produce (I’m sure opinions differ here), but what can I say – personal, anectodal evidence seems to suggest we catch fewer colds when we consistently use them during the winter. More accurately, I should say that I catch fewer colds, because Tina has never had a cold to my knowledge. I suspect it’s because she is a cyborg.

    Anyway, maybe it’s psychosomatic for me.

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