This Week’s Receipt & Shopping in Chinatown

Behold this week’s receipt!  I also did some shopping in Chinatown to get some groceries for a belated Lunar New Year dinner we’re throwing tonight.  Sometimes, it’s just amazing what you can get.  In addition to all the groceries on the receipt, I got:

  • Sweet Rice Flour: $3
  • Scallions: $.50
  • Green leafy vegetable that looks like baby bok choy, but not entirely sure what it is: $2 (for 1.5 pounds!)
  • Fresh rice noodles: $1
  • TOTAL: $6.50

So, in addition to the receipt, we spent $28.57 this week, leaving us with $1.43.



3 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt & Shopping in Chinatown”

  1. Ceres says:

    Buying mystery items from the Asian Markets is fun! Coming home and trying them is always an adventure.


  2. Marcia says:

    I get mystery items sometimes from our CSA. We got an Asian green called yakuna savoy this week (like baby bok choy) and it was DELICIOUS! I just finished the tiny bit of leftovers for lunch.

    • tinaspins says:

      You know Marcia, that sounds EXACTLY like what I got and it was delicious! I cooked it up with some leftover fermented black bean sauce that’s been lurking in our fridge.

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