Maybe Not…

Phil came home sick today, so no big and crazy dinner.  I had already started the rice balls when he got home, so here is a lovely picture of them.  They are very tasty!  I must thank Maangchi for her excellent video tutorial on how to make these.  An important note: make sure you don’t use too much water!  Start kneading by hands when the dough gets big clumps.  I kept mixing it around and adding water the first time and ended up with a sticky and pasty mess that clung to my fingers like leeches.  Seriously, I could not get this dough off my hands until I scrubbed it with a stainless steel brush.

I used ground up sesame seeds with sugar and then crushed coconut (where did that come from?) with sugar as toppings.  Funny story about all of this…

Looking over my purchases, I realized that I didn’t get sweet rice flour, but sweet rice!  I went back to the store and they said to pick whatever I wanted to fulfill the price.  I got rice flour, wasabi peas and “desicated” coconut.  Yup.  The results were amazing.



2 Comments on “Maybe Not…”

  1. Tinuz says:

    Rice balls! Awesome…I still have a ton of rice flour lying around, not knowing what to do with it (Well, besides, Thai Fried bananas, which are delicious but very messy to make…). I think we have a winner here!

  2. tinaspins says:

    Hey! Just wanted to mention that I think you need glutinous or sweet rice flour. From what I was reading on the Internets, regular rice flour won’t cut it. If you DO make them with regular rice flour, let me know!

    I must say, these came out SOOOOO good. Toast and grind the black sesame seeds per Maangchi’s instructions. They make the rice balls taste like a peanut butter cup.

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