What We Ate This Weekend


Breakfast: Tina had some of our semi-successful homemade granola bars and tea. Phil had some of our home-baked bread with peanut butter.

Lunch: Tina’s mom took her out to lunch. Phil nibbled here and there while working on a variety of non-food-related projects at home.

Dinner: We made a dish with tempeh and kasha, which is going to be the subject of an upcoming post. Check back for it though, because it was REAL GOOD. Also, for dessert we had some homemade snickerdoodles with grapefruit sorbet left over from our dinner party.


Brunch: Eggs over easy with toast (from homemade bread, still from the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day dough) and a couple veggie sausage patties that we excavated from the depths of the freezer – originally bought while we had houseguests for new years.

Dinner: Currently working on some roasted turnips, carrots, and onions to be served with polenta and some veggie steak strips Tina picked up for a buck at Jack’s 99-Cent Store.


4 Comments on “What We Ate This Weekend”

  1. jen says:

    Thanks again for doing the “what we ate” entries! Okay, I realized I had a couple other questions (apologies if you’ve addressed any of these already):

    — Were there any foods or ingredients that you ate before you started this project that you found you had give up or at least drastically limit? As I’m working more on this, mine are 1) maple syrup – I used to use this often for baking, but it is so expensive. Once in awhile I’ll get some in bulk for pancakes, but not often. 2) almonds and almond butter. Unfortunately $ wise I just like almonds better than peanuts, walnuts, other less expensive nuts. I like to make almond milk, so I still get some, but not a many.

    — At this point in the project have you been able to add to you pantry staples at all? I don’t remember whether you said if you had much in the pantry at the start of the project, but I would imagine if you did it would have dwindled a bit. I guess I’d be curious to hear what’s left in your pantry at this point.

  2. tinaspins says:

    Hey Jen! Thanks for sticking with us. As for things that we’ve given up or not. I would say Tahini. Every time I want to buy a jar, I realize that it just won’t fit into the budget. I think maple syrup to. We ran out a while ago and have been relying on honey or fruit compotes or jam that’s been lurking in the fridge to top pancakes and the like. Almonds and other nuts are pretty cheap for us at the coop. In theory, I know it’s better to buy a huge bag, but I don’t mind getting small bunches and they taste fresher to me somehow.

    Our pantry staples are pretty much olive oil and vinegars and we have a LOT of those. We actually ran out of olive oil and Phil won a bottle in a Holiday Work Grab bag (phew!). I had quite a lot of butter stocked up in my freezer when we started this project. I used to buy lots of it when it went on sale and just stored it up. I still have quite a bunch of sticks left!

    If you have any questions, just comment or shoot us an email, we’re happy to answer them!

  3. littlem says:

    You can try golden syrup instead of maple syrup. It’s a by product of making sugar and about the same price at honey.

    Although I’m not sure if it’s so popular in the US

  4. tinaspins says:

    You know littlem, it’s not so easily found in the US. I have looked for it, as it helps making caramel a bit easier.

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