What We Ate Today (Yesterday): Why Isn’t It Friday Edition

Woke up this morning and heard Mark Bittman on NPR. I love Mark Bittman and How To Cook Everything Vegetarian is in constant use in the $30/Week Kitchen. However, for the first time, Bittman let me down yesterday. I made his “No Cook Granola Bars” using the dried fruit option and they did not come out like granola bars. More like fruity/fudgy granola. Still very tasty and very nutritious, but a failure. It could have been me. Ingredients: oats and slivered almonds (toasted) and a puree of dried fruit (we had some dates, raisins and apricots in the pantry) mixed with a bit of oil. I guess I should have used the sugar/honey option instead, but really wanted the sugars to just come from fruit instead. Back to the drawing board. Anyways, we ate them for breakfast and they certainly fill you up. We had a dinner party, so there will be a more detailed post on that coming up.

  • Breakfast: Homemade granola “bars” and an apple; coffee for Phil and tea for Tina
  • Lunch: Vegetable pasta spirals with homemade tomato sauce and a Yves “bratwurst”
  • Snack: Apple; Tina ate some almonds that were leftover from an office event
  • Dinner: White Bean “Cakes” with Parsley Puree & Pecorino; Spinach, Starfruit, Blood Orange and Avocado Salad (from our friends); Caramelized Onion Soup in Homemade Bread-Bowl; Grapefruit/Basil/Ginger Sorbet with Secret that Will Be Revealed on the 29th.

2 Comments on “What We Ate Today (Yesterday): Why Isn’t It Friday Edition”

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  2. […] Tina had some of our semi-successful homemade granola bars and tea. Phil had some of our home-baked bread with peanut […]

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