What We Ate Today: 1st Day in Office Edition

Sense a theme here?

  • Breakfast: Hardboiled egg and homemade bread (toasted)
  • Lunch: Red quinoa w/roasted potatoes, edamame, caramelized onions and seitan
  • Dinner: Cheated!  Went out for Mexican food.  I can explain!  We were invited to watch LOST at a friend’s place at the last minute and decided we wouldn’t be able to make it home in time to make, eat and then head over to our friend’s house in time for LOST goodness (silly us, the whole shebang started at 9, not 8).  However, I did make tomato sauce for tomorrow’s lunch.

Tomorrow we’re having a dinner party for a couple of friends.  That will be entirely from the weekly budget.  Dinner party for 4 people under ____ dollars.  More on that tomorrow.


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