This Week’s Receipt

Here’s this week’s receipt and it’s a nice long one.  Phil did the shopping this week, so I have to give him credit.  Add $2 for some Yves “Beef” Strips and Sausages I got for .99 each at Jack’s Dollar Store.  Grand total: $29.81. We’ve got .19 left plus the $2.02 from last week = $2.21 extra.


We had a debate over our Emergen-C packets.  Are they groceries or health aids, like a toothbrush?  6 of them are $2.10 (see receipt above).  We used to buy a whole box for abut $10.  I must say they are becoming necessary during this season of office colds and the flu, but we don’t know how to count them.  Any thoughts?


8 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt”

  1. Milehimama says:

    I don’t think the supplements should count. Would you count cough syrup or antibiotics for AFTER you get sick?

  2. Kate says:

    I agree with Milehimama–it’s certainly not food! Emergen-C saves me in the winter, even down here in temperate New Orleans.

    • Ivette Soto says:

      I disagree, emergen c is loaded with vitamins, while cough med contains medicine and even alcohol medicine is not nourishment while vitamins are

  3. Tinuz says:

    I would, not if it was a treatment for an illness, but definitely if it was a supplement.

    The reason is that I have seen some people (who are having a really tough time making ends meet) who “cheat” by taking a (good) supplement and budgeting on fruit and veggies. I’m pretty sure this isn’t healthy, and you wouldn’t want to do it for a long time….but still….

    Anyway, I voted ‘yes’, but it is no big deal…besides, you made the budget, no?

    • tinaspins says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Personally, I’m with Kate and Milehimama, but I understand your point Tinuz. We did make this week’s budget, but to buy a large pack of Emergen-C’s is cheaper, but would eat up 1/3 of our weekly budget overall. Do we take our emergen-c’s to prevent sniffles and the plague of 1813 (currently running rampant in my office) and pay out of $30/week or not? If we get sick, the cost of antibiotics, staying home, cough syrup, etc., would be more expensive. It’s an interesting question and I’m glad we’re getting varied responses. We’ll decide what to do when next week’s shopping trip occurs.

  4. Lily says:

    you can’t buy Emergen-C with food stamps, so, dang it, it’s not food!

  5. jen says:

    I agree that it should fall under health aids because you are getting it for health reasons. I know some people who just like the taste of those Emergen-C’s and drink them regularly as a snack or for breakfast, in which case I’d count them as food. I think of tea in the same way. If it’s for everyday enjoyment, it’s food. If I were to get some medicinal tea specifically to treat a condition (like a cough or cold), I’d put it under health aids.

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