This Week’s Receipt (oops!)

I lost the receipt. Somewhere between getting it at the checkout counter at the coop, using the restroom and running to catch the bus in the rain, it’s gone. I am very sorry folks, because that is one of my favorite parts of the site. I can tell you that I spent $21.14.  Here is what I got:

  • 4 pinklady apples
  • 1 empire apple
  • 1 lacinato kale
  • 1 fennel bulb
  • 1 head of red cabbage
  • 2 russet potatoes
  • 2 leeks
  • a lot of rolled oats
  • 12 eggs
  • salad mix
  • 1 kirby cucumber
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 bunch of celery
  • 3 beets
  • 2 turnips
  • chamomile tea (loose)
  • peppermint tea (loose)
  • rosehips (loose)

Because of the NYE party, we’ve been eating a lot of leftover chili and since we had a house-guest, we also went out to eat a bit more and went to a dinner party or two. Our guest was nice enough to provide the tangerines for the Tangerine Sherbert, so we have a whole bunch in a big box left over. Winter is an excellent time for citrus.  I realize lately that I’m fruit-starved.


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