Tangerine Sherbert

I think coming home to some of this would be miiighty tasty and tangerines are in season and pretty cheap. We have a bit of heavy cream left in the fridge from another food adventure (maybe it was the pumpkin crème brûlée) and I think picking up the 5 tangerines needed for this recipe would be a good way to spend the $22 we’re supposed to have this week.

I wish I could embed this video, but it’s not working out. Click here to watch how to make Tangerine Sherbert in a Tiny Kitchen.


2 Comments on “Tangerine Sherbert”

  1. P says:

    Mission accomplished. We used two Tbsp of corn syrup (not my favorite foodstuff, but oh well) in place of the gelatin and the sherbet. We topped it with some whipped cream we made last night to put on some berries and had a fantastic creamsicle sundae.

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