Can’t Win ‘Em All

Being gone for the holidays last week left us with a substantial $19 of weekly budget left over to combine with this week’s $30. Normally, this would be pretty luxurious, but it so happens that we are having a bunch of folks (maybe about 10?) over for dinner on New Years Eve and we needed to get some extra food. We’re making chili, which is generally an extremely economical meal – and one that I’ll post about separately when we actually make it – but when you’re serving that many people, a couple of the more expensive items add up quick. On top of that, we were out of coffee and also needed wheat gluten flour to make a batch of seitan – again, a very economical process in itself and one that we’ll write about soon, but the gluten tacked on about $6 to our already strained grocery bill this week. Anyway, I present to you our first undeniably overbudget grocery receipt. It clocks in at $57: eight bucks over even our expanded budget.


The silver lining is that if you take out all the stuff that we bought specifically for the chili, we get down to $34.16, which is way within our budget if you take into account the money left over from last week.

Money left over: Wah-Waaaaah


3 Comments on “Can’t Win ‘Em All”

  1. pennyplastic says:

    Awwww, just a teeny, tiny set-back!

    We’re having a dinner on New Years Eve Eve and I thought I was awesome for attempting to do it for under $100 (for 8).

    Of course, that will include alcohol and most of our friends are lushes.

  2. tinaspins says:

    You can’t win em all. AND $30/week is supposed to only be for our groceries, not us plus party people, although we’ve been doing quite well with that. Did you buy your booze at Trader Joe’s? They are my savior.

  3. pennyplastic says:

    I bought Forestville (it’s my favorite cheapy white wine) at Long’s last week – it was on sale, 2 bottles for 6 bucks. My boyfriend is buying Charles Shaw today at TJ’s and I asked him to pick up two additional bottles for under $4. If they fit into the budget, they’re in!

    We have a TJ’s within walking distance so we’re quite lucky on that front.

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