This Week’s Receipt

Pretty slim for now, but Phil had to go to the Coop anyways to buy a Christmas present.  Can’t post it, but I wish someone would get me one for Christmas!  The total got cut off from the food, but it’s: $11.05.  That means we have: $24.13 left for the week.



3 Comments on “This Week’s Receipt”

  1. nenasadije says:

    $1.17/lb. for red peppers! the hate. you have no idea.

  2. tinaspins says:

    Don’t hate. Just saw your defunct blog. Hope the wedding and aftermath was/is awesome!

  3. nenasadije says:

    hahaha! the hate=the love. or the wish, i suppose. i live in southwest florida where the growing season for things other than select greens, yellow squash and zuccini is like three months. i did get an awesome homemade 4 by 6 foot planter box from the hubbs from christmas so maybe, this time next year, i’ll have your thirty-a-week down to a science!

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