New Favorite Brussels Sprouts Recipe?

We’ve been hooked on our roasted brussels sprout recipe for a couple years now – pretty much ever since sprouts entered regular veggie rotation. Now it seems like we might have a serious contender for our first string recipe.

Blame can be assigned to the Piedmont Review of Food, where JKD posted a recipe for Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts as part of his Thanksgiving spread (scroll down for the sprouts recipe). His preparation takes a little bit more effort, as the sprouts must first be lightly boiled and then sauteed, with the walnuts cooked separately, but the end product is rich and juicy in a way that might be pretty difficult to achieve with roasting alone.


6 Comments on “New Favorite Brussels Sprouts Recipe?”

  1. littlem says:

    I like Brussel Sprouts stir fried with soy sauce. Not that I really like them that much!

  2. tinaspins says:

    Littlem, you should try this one! Although, I must note that Phil used pecans in his recipe, which were amazing.

  3. P says:

    That’s true. I have to admit that I picked the pecans out of pure laziness (they were in a pre-measured bulk bag so I didn’t have to bag and tag them myself), but they worked out great.

  4. pennyplastic says:

    I prepared brussels sprouts for the first time a few months ago. I cut them in half (or quartered, depending on the size) and tossed with olive oil, a bit of grated lemon rind, sliced onions, a few cloves of garlic and S&P. I then roasted until brown, tossing a splash of wine in the pan midway. The onions caramelized and were SUPER delicious – and I am just learning to love onions. Adding nuts sounds good…I like nuts with anything and everything đŸ™‚

  5. Deb says:

    Hi – I’m here via PennyPlastics blog – and had to comment. Brussel Sprouts are the most underrated veggie ever. The most tasty I’ve made them was first roasting them in the oven with a light dusting of olive oil and salt followed by steaming them tossed in some Trader Joe’s Simmer Sauce (I think it was the Tikka Masala one?) SO good! I served them with a side of cous cous and maybe some fish? I can’t remember as the BS were the best part of the meal!

  6. kentucky says:

    The Joy of Cooking’s recipe is my favorite, it involves parboiling the sprouts and then sauteeing with almonds browned in butter. Delicious. I will have to try roasting!

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