Progress, Progress

It’s not so unusual for people react to our $30/week budget with a certain amount of disbelief. Surely we must be eating boiled beans and potatos at least once a day. One of the objectives of this blog is to demonstrate that one can take totally reasonable steps towards a healthier, more sustainable, and radically less expensive diet. It’s always inspiring to find other people who are undertaking similar projects in order to push their boundaries and find more sustainable and economical ways of living.

Tracking back a recent comment from Little m, I found Brisbane-based Gustoso, where the two proprieters are challenging themselves to convert the lawn of their home into a garden that will, within a year, provide them will all of their fruits and vegetables.

In their words: “Ultimately, we were interested in finding out how hard it would be to go sustainable without giving up our day jobs, moving to the country or growing dread-locks.”

Check out their site to track their progress and certainly pick up tips about sustainable gardening (not to mention recipes).


One Comment on “Progress, Progress”

  1. littlem says:

    Thanks for the write up. Posts for the next few weeks are planned, but I’ll keep you mind for an appropriate link 🙂

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