This Week’s Receipt and Last Week’s Recap

So, below is this week’s receipt (so far). Last week we had a surplus of almost $4, but used it over the weekend to buy some bread, 2 tangerines and some coffee (Cafe Bustelo, $2.39, to be exact). Things are going pretty well! I am getting nervous as my stock of frozen butter is low, which means no impromptu cookie making. AHHH! We still have quite a few grains, chickpeas, tofu, flour, two turnips and a lone carrot in the crisper.

11/10/08 receipt

One Comment on “This Week’s Receipt and Last Week’s Recap”

  1. janina perez says:

    Yeah you can do it. I spend about 20.00. I have been Urban foraging(dumpsterdiving) all year. I eat meat,so allot of eggs and general food that’s considered trash(new cereal boxes,chips, dips for chips, candy,eidable fruit and veggies,shampoo). i did try vegan bits for meat,Very good with eggs and I will substitute eggplant for meat.You can do it…

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