Updated: Money Left

I went to Trader Joe’s and then to Key Foods today and got some more foodstuffs.  I saw the no boil lasagna noodles and thought that a swiss chard lasagna would be nice.  Plus I found some frozen mozzarella and leftover broccoli pesto in the freezer that could be utilized.  TIP: Search through your freezer, fridge and pantry for things to use.  You might be surprised what’s edible and useful or what you actually have.  Case in point: after ransacking the pantry for some pickling spice, I found packets of yeast.  Bread baking baby!

The lists:

Trader Joe’s

  • Lasagna Noodles: 1.99
  • Rice Sticks: 1.39
  • Frozen Edamame: 1.69
  • Pizza Dough, Whole Wheat: .99 (that’s actually probably cheaper than making it at home…maybe)

Total: 6.06

Key Foods

  • Gold Medal AP Flour (5lb): 1.99 (ON SALE w/card)
  • Sclafani Tomatoes: 1.00 (ON SALE w/card)

Total: 2.99

The Week:

  • 20.35 (previous Coop Bill)
  • 6.06
  • 2.99


$$ LEFT: .60


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