The Forgotten Meal

Here’s a meal we meant to write about a while back, but never quite got around to posting. It’s a nice picture though, and it provides a key lesson in eating healthy on a budget, which is this: pretty much anything goes in a stir-fry. For those of us who may have spent some years eating in cooperatives on one sort or another, this will come as no surprise. If you’re feeling extra crunchy, add a dash of Bragg’s liquid aminos over the top (and sprinkle yourself liberally with patchouli before sitting down to eat, har har). Flashbacks aside, put any combination of veggies and soy products in a pan or wok with some oil, stir and cook until browned, serve over a grain (probably rice), and you have a healthy, hearty meal.

For the dish pictured here, we used tofu and patty pan squash, which we stir-fried in a peanut sauce. We had a little bottled stuff left over from a while back, but you can very easily make your own impromptu peanut sauce by mixing peanut butter, sesame (or peanut) oil, and a light vinegar until the taste and consistency work for you. After cooking, we topped it with black sesame seeds and some alfalfa sprouts and served it over rice…or maybe coucous…or maybe quinoa. Sorry, it was a while ago and the patchouli is getting to my head.


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