Many thanks, quick dinner and make that muesli!

First off, thanks to all of the nice comments and visitors to the site.  If you like it, tell your friends!  Also, please check out commenter Michael’s blog as it is really kinda awesome (laser fonts, perfecto!).

And cookbook author/whole grain goddess Robin Asbell wrote in after I wrote about her muesli.  Let me say, I had some for breakfast again this morning and the flavor was in no way diminished.  After eating yesterday morning, I was good to go until a late 2:30 lunch, so if you want something hearty, inexpensive, make ahead and no fuss, please make her muesli AND buy her book.

Dinner last night was a quick affair, as Phil and I had to haul it to the Delancey to see some great bands.  Highly recommended: Holy Moly, Coyote Eyes and Locket.  What was dinner?  Phil made it, he should write about it (hint, hint).

One Comment on “Many thanks, quick dinner and make that muesli!”

  1. Robin Asbell says:

    Thanks again for the praise- BTW, I have a new blog/column at, a new culinary site that is in its first phase. When it is done it is going to be huge, with listings for cooking classes all over the country, authors, books, articles, recipes, everything food-lovers want in a site.
    I’ve got recipes up, too!

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